Consulting and design of indoor stairs

We provide high-value stairs: carefully designed and crafted with close attention to the smallest details and to the choice of facings (pins, railings, handrails), custom-made and in compliance with regulations, installed by professionals.

Respecting the clients tastes and his style of furniture, our company offers consulting in all phases of design and construction of the stairs. For the indoor and outdoor stairs design, Fargione company do inspections to verify the feasibility of the project, make the measurements to define the details and any possible changes.

Our stairs are designed with rigor, checking the proper relationship between rise and tread, in order to guarantee comfort, convenience and compliance with the security regulations. We also verify every stage of the project through structural calculations, according to the building code requirements, thanks to the collaboration of the engineer Alfio Di Costa. We offer our experience and know-how in the matter of choice of materials suitable to the tastes and needs of the customer. We have a large catalogue of materials: marble, travertine, natural stone, composite materials and wood finishing. We provide, thanks to technicians with proven experience and professionalism, the careful installation of the stairs.

Fargione also offers its experience to guide customers in choosing of the type of stairs that will fit into design of the house. The company has an extensive portfolio of solutions such as cantilevered stairs, traditional, helical, spiral, etc. Ing.

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