Elliptical staircases

The staircase that improves the value of premises.

The elliptical stairs give lightness and harmony to your interior or exterior spaces. These stairs are characterized by the elliptical stairwell and by the fantail form of steps. This type of stairs can be adapted to any environment and any style of decor. Fargione manufactures custom-made elliptical stairs from a wide range of materials, using different finishes for the coating of the steps or making it from the solid material blocks. The stairs can be completed with different types of railing. The elements of the railing give to the stairs a classic and elegant or a modern and linear style. The elliptical staircases can be realized in small premises, but they make their best in the large open spaces where the stairs can certainly play a leading role. The main feature of the elliptical stairs is the absence of the newel, the cantilever steps are fixed directly to the walls and provide the comfort and passability even when realized in reduced spaces. These stairs can also have a semi-elliptic form, which means that the steps are attached to a straight wall for a part of the structure and then detach from the wall to make a curved line. The steps of the cantilevered elliptical stairs can be made in different shapes, straight or heart-shaped, which increase the visual impact of the stairs.

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