Prefabricated stairs: custom-made solutions, wide choice of materials and techniques for indoor and outdoor

The Fargione company, located in Modica, designs and manufactures the custom made prefabricated stairs since 1969. We offer the wide choice of materials to satisfy the customers needs. We use marble, granite, natural stone, wood and glass for facing of the indoor and outdoor stairs and the structure made of steel and reinforced concrete, to give strength to the whole staircase. In addition, the company offers a wide range of accessories such as railings, banisters, handrails and everything you need to complete or improve the aesthetics and functionality of the stairs.

Self-supporting system for custom-made prefabricated stairs: solid and stylish self-supporting system is an innovative technology that makes Fargione Company so special. It is based on the implementation of concrete steps mounted with stainless steel joints that make the structure solid and at the same time adaptable to the most innovative design trends. This modern system allows you to design stairs of different forms (cantilevered stairs, helical, spiral, elliptical, traditional) with the strong aesthetic character without any sacrifice of the functionality of the structure. To furnish your homes, premises of any type, shops, hotels and other accommodation facilities, Fargione manufactures spiral staircases, elliptical, spiral, cantilevered stairs, traditional staircases, stairs for indoor and outdoor. The flexibility and versatility of the Company, our manufacturing profile allow us to satisfy every aesthetical and technical demand and to optimize the space thanks to the customization of shapes and materials. The Fargione stairs, pleasant and comfortable, fit into any architectural environment and combine with the different styles of furniture: modern stairs, traditional stairs of natural stone, stairs of high-tech materials, stairs with the refined shapes of high quality materials.

Precision, attention to detail, fine finishes and design

The steps of our stairs are carefully finished in all parts

Stairs on a project that make every environment unique

Advanced materials: composites, okite, quartzite

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