Prefabricated cantilevered stairs of Rosa Bellissimo Marble Gloss

Prefabricated cantilevered staircase of reinforced concrete clad in Rosa Bellissima Marble Gloss. The two-storey staircase has a rounded stair platform, the self-supporting steps are based on a wall which is also rounded. The light color of the steps helps to turn the self-supporting cantilevered staircase into an elegant and classy piece of furniture. The sinuosity of soft forms and the preciousness of marble making this staircase a classic style furniture, decent and free of excess. The materials and facings are of high quality and guarantee the durability.

Le nostre scale prefabbricate sono disponibili in vari formati e con varie tipologie di materiali e diverse ringhiere. Richiedi una consulenza dettagliata per scegliere il materiale e lo stile più adatto alle tue esigenze, sopralluogo e preventivo sono totalmente gratuiti.

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