Prefabricated cantilevered stairs, steel and concrete self-supporting structure

Prefabricated outdoor cantilevered staircase made of reinforced concrete projected and rendered by an architect Mimmo Veca. The self-supporting steps are clad in white marble. The staircase is of classic style but it is light, decent and elegant thanks to a railing and a handrail of stainless steel with a polished finish profiles with essential and sinuous lines. The materials and facings are processed using the advanced techniques to ensure the functionality and durability of the stairs.

Le nostre scale prefabbricate sono disponibili in vari formati e con varie tipologie di materiali e diverse ringhiere. Richiedi una consulenza dettagliata per scegliere il materiale e lo stile più adatto alle tue esigenze, sopralluogo e preventivo sono totalmente gratuiti.

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