Prefabricated traditional stairs of Absolute Black Granite Gloss

Prefabricated staircase of reinforced concrete clad of Absolute Black Granite Gloss. The indoor staircase is attached from one side to a white wall, making a deliberate contrast with the black facing of the self-supporting steps. The external side of the staircase is closed with a stainless steel railing with linear shapes and design. The modern staircase has simple and clean lines. Steel joints that connect the steps, together with the polished finish of granite lighten the structure and turn it into a piece of furniture with a contemporary character. The materials are of high quality. The staircase is handcrafted with meticulous attention to the details.

Le nostre scale prefabbricate sono disponibili in vari formati e con varie tipologie di materiali e diverse ringhiere. Richiedi una consulenza dettagliata per scegliere il materiale e lo stile più adatto alle tue esigenze, sopralluogo e preventivo sono totalmente gratuiti.

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